1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville Full Restoration.

Rob contacted KZ in 2018 looking for a full bare metal respray on his partners 59er.
It was delivered in November and is the current patient in the KZ operating theatre.
Stored outside for the last 15 years this pink Caddy has some serious rust issues. Each area is cut out piece by piece and carefully replaced with new hand made repair panels.
The pics speak for themselves!!!!

This was the start of this epic resto!

Tired pink paint was showing evidence of major issues lying beneath it.

Once front fenders were removed tin worm was well dug in. Front of frame rails were non existent on both sides. Passenger side sills and rear quarter were real bad. Minor accident damage was also evident. Slide hammer holes everywhere and up to 3/4″ of filler in places!

Entire sill was removed from rear wheel opening to halfway along door length.

New hand made sill section made.

Once rear bumper was removed the shit hit the fan! Nothing to go by so one piece of rust was removed, panel made and tacked in and then on to the next section and so on and so on.

Chicken wire?? FFS!! Well, it is a ‘Coupe”

The cancerous pile from the rear end!!

Front passenger side frame end.


Now for the other side. Much of the same shite.

Back to the lower rear DS quarter.

The pile grows!!

Even fin top has rust!

But not for long.

Bottom of drivers door. Nice 1″ square patch courtesy of a previous restoration. Major distortion here covered by 1/2″ filler. We’re cutting this out.

Back to the passenger rear quarter.

To be continued………….