1972 Cadillac Superior Hearse

KZ KUSTOMZ Superior hearse. This car has been owned by KZ for the last 6 years. Finished in its original gold metallic paint with original embossed gold brocade interior. Due for a re paint soon! Was going to be a job for 2018 but its one hell of a long way around this 22.5 foot monster and customers work comes first. Maybe have a go in 2019. This car is all up and running and makes regular outings when the wallet permits. At 6mpg thats not too often!

Pics show custom paint to roof from start to finish. A tempory rush job done in a day just to get it to a custom show! When the new paint job commences, this will be covered up with original pattern vinyl roof and the custom flames will be transferred along the sides of the lower bodywork.