A pair of 1960 Lincoln Continentals.

This pair of Continentals were bought new in 1960 by the same person. They have been kept together since then. 1960 saw Lincoln in a battle with Cadillac to be top dogs in luxury. It is said that lincoln lost $1,000 on every lincoln sold that year.To make things worse for Lincoln sales, their Continentals were way more expensive than the Cadillac marque. You had to be seriously rich to afford one Lincoln let alone a pair!
The two Continentals were a his and hers purchase. The 2 door baby blue Coupe is one of my personal cars. It is 100% rust free. It took me 20 years to find a 2 door Continental in this condition. Complicated chassis manufacture made these models prone to rusting in the triple later boxing of the sills.
The other, a convertible is a super rare car. sold to a friend of mine on the condition that if he ever decides to sell, I have first refusal.
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