About us

KZ KUSTOMZ is a business established back in 2010.

Kevin House decided to ‘ play for real’ after years of importing, customising, hot rodding and painting classic American and English cars for themselves and close friends. After a run of boring jobs in the property developing game it was time for a change. On the spur of the moment a decision was made to have a pop at turning a hobby into a business. A unit was rented in Worlingham near Beccles in Suffolk. A four post ramp was installed and after a couple of coats of floor paint and emulsion on the walls KZ KUSTOMZ was ready to rock and roll.

A trip to California was booked and with a fist full of dollars five cars were purchased and shipped back home to be worked on. These included a 1970 Lincoln Continental, 3 1960’s Cadillac coupes and a Chevy pickup. Since those earlier days lots more cars have hit the shores of Old Blighty. KZ KUSTOMZ specialize in importing rust free Classic cars from only California.

Buy your car from us ‘as is’ or let us bring it up to your own specifications. KZ KUSTOMZ have facilities for fabrication work to bodywork and paint oven for ‘straight’ paint jobs as well as the glitzy custom work. KZ KUSTOMZ also offer upholstery and mechanical services for all American and classic cars. They also offer engine rebuilds and tuning through a well established engine guy. With regular trips to California, any car or part can be sourced by us or via our agent in California. Our custom paintwork has won several trophies at major car shows  and hopefully more will follow.

Here at KZ we only work on one project at a time. the reason for this?

Firstly, unlike other restorers, we don’t have a yard full of customers unfinished jobs awaiting a new burst of enthusiasm.

Secondly, space is tight so get em in, get em done and get em back with their owners. We are not an over winter storage facility!!

The only cars lying around in our yard unfinished and looking for love…. are ours!!

If you’re looking for a meticulous honest restorer or custom painter, call us! Metal fabrication, welding and paintwork is our speciality.

All our work is guaranteed.