Mels Ford Pop chop.

Well, the Pop had a chop a few months back.
We took 4″ off the roof height. I didn’t want to do a standard chop and decided to go for pulling the roof back to meet the rear screen instead of doing the traditional quartering of the roof and then filling in the rear. Its the long way round but it makes cleaner lines to the finished job. Mel wanted to retain the gutters which added even more fun to the fabrication work!
Original canvas roof panel was filled with steel by the previous owner. I felt bad about cutting his work as he’d made a real good job of it.
His panel bit the dust once i had lifted the top off. Measurements in hand I headed off to the local breakers yard. After several hours of searching and measuring I came upon a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Off with its head!! I cut the PT’s roof out and also retained the roof brace bars just incase they would be useful. They were and fitted almost perfectly inside the outer roof section of the Pop!
The chop went well and the door tops, pillars and windshield posts were then fabricated.
It was finished in primer and sent back to Mel for mechanical fit up. The Pop was then delivered back to KZ for paint.
Pics show first cut to finished paint.