Plum Crazy. Fordson Van. Iconic original 70’s hotrod restoration.

First time I ever saw The Plum was way back in the 70’s!

It was in Custom Car magazine. I can remember drooling over it and others,wishing one day I would get my hands on something like that. At the time I was driving a ford 100E which I painted two tone blue and white. I had MK3 Cortina running gear and a custom dash that I made from plywood covered in blue padded vinyl with Smiths gauges. It was a start!

I soon forgot about the Plum as I got involved in Mk 111 Zephyrs, MK 1V zodiac limo’s and Cadillacs.

Forty years or so rolled by and a customer came to the workshop for me to paint his van. Turned out his uncle was restoring a ford van that was famous in the 70’s. He asked me if I had ever heard of Plum Crazy. I shat my pants and he said he would bring his uncle over to meet me as he needed it painting.

We got the job and the rest is history!

Check the pics of this amazing little Ford that I loved as a kid and got to paint decades later.